Defining Who We Are

Jez·e·bel n. 1. Phoenician princess and queen of Israel as the wife of Ahab. According to the Bible, she encouraged idolatry and was ultimately killed by Jehu. 2. A shameless or scheming woman.

Press n. 1. Any of various machines or devices that apply pressure. 2. Any of various machines used for printing; a printing press. 3. A place or establishment where matter is printed. 4. The art, method, or business of printing. 5. The act of gathering in large numbers or of pushing forward. 6. A large gathering; a throng. 7. a. The act of applying pressure. b. The state of being pressed.

Don’t worry, we’re not scheming. A little shameless, maybe. But definitely not scheming. And we are most definitely a press.

Jezebel Press is an independent publisher specializing in book design and bookmaking. It’s a one-woman show run by publisher Julie Engel. Jezebel adores the dystopian genre. She’s enamored with Victoriana. She loves sordid details, circus freaks, and delicious taboos. If you have something to say and just need the means to say it, Jezebel can show you the way.


~ by jezebelpress on 31 March 2010.

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