The idea for Jezebel Press started in a publishing software classroom in the book publishing graduate program at Portland State University. Armed with a master’s in writing, publisher Julie Engel is taking the skills she learned in school to the streets. Graphic design wasn’t something Jules knew about until that pub software class, and now it’s all she can think about. You’ll most likely find her at the Independent Publishing Resource Center or walking around industrial areas taking pictures of textures in Seattle, Washington.
Jezebel Press is an indie press producing limited edition releases that both the publisher and the author can be proud of. Publisher Jules is living her dream through Jezebel, and she wants you to live your dream, too. Whether it’s collecting poetry into a beautiful volume or a handbound collection of drawings and writings, Jezebel Press has what it takes to make your dream come true. In addition to repackaging the classics and collecting articles for books on Victorian culture, Jezebel is also interested in working with writers and poets. From über-special editions of a novel to poetry broadsides, Jezebel Press wants to make your words into art.
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